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e-rickshaw Clean Air and a clean environment is something most people wish for. Positive news then that the Puducherry Government has decided to issue permits for battery-operated rickshaws.

Also known as e-rickshaws, these eco friendly and noiseless vehicles may soon be seen on the roads of the town now that the Chief Minister has announced that permits will be issued. An added incentive would be a five year road tax exemption for these clean vehicles. Promoting pollution-free schemes is part of the government’s effort to acquire the ‘smart city’ tag for the Union Territory.

The vehicles would be able to carry four passengers and run around 90 km on a full charge. Thanks to the vehicles low running costs the returns would be considerably higher and could replace petrol and diesel autos.

Mr. Manosh Bardhan of Altenergiez, who has taken a dealership of the vehicles for Puducherry, says that the e-rickshaws are not only pollution free but also a most economical form of transport.

Text: ZoomPondy
Source: TOI

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