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Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup Beach litter…
Litter has become a part of our scenery, every location where people visit there is sure to be plastic and other litter to be found. The situation on the beaches is no different. Plastic bottles and bags, food wrappers etc.. are littered on the sand and in the water. People throw everything on the beach without a second thought for their environment. The world’s beaches and oceans are becoming a garbage dump! The plastic and waste is killing marine life…. which in turn affects all of us as the water of the oceans is no longer pleasant to swim in and the fish we eat is getting toxic.

A few years back, CTC (Chennai Trekking Club), a group from Chennai decided to do something about litter covered beaches and started the Chennai Coastal Cleanup initiative. A group of volunteers from Pondicherry has now carried over this initiative to our city with the Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup yearly event, it is now in its 3rd year.

This time the Auro Beach, a popular stretch of beach visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year has been selected for a cleanup on Sunday 19th June. The event is open to all and it gives the opportunity to be part of helping keep our environment clean and healthy.

The Pondicherry group has already been doing a lot of cleanup and awareness events around Pondicherry, recently a drawing competition for children was held at the Bharathi Park. In May the shores and area of the Velrampet Lake were cleared of litter. The Beach Promenade also got a cleanup. One has to admire and congratulate the good work being done by this group of volunteers and hope that their message of awareness about the environment is being taken up by more and more people.

For more information about Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup and how you can participate please click here.


Text: ZoomPondy
Image: Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup


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