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Good news awaits those that have been waiting patiently for the Government Museums of Pondicherry to sport a new and vibrant look!
The government has finally taken its first step towards renovating two of Pondicherry’s museums by giving a nod to INTACH that has been given the responsibility to make a project report and based on it, efforts will be taken to begin the renovation work in the two museums that are considered jewels of Pondicherry.

Using modern technology in Museology and with the cooperation of French and Indian tech wizards, renovation would be done to the Government Museum that is located on Saint Louis Street, and also to the building, which at present, houses the office of the department of Art and Culture located on Romain Rolland Street.

According to the co convener of INTACH, Mr. Panda, the detailed project report would be completed in 10 months; however, the first report has been prepared and will be submitted to the government for getting approved.

Both these museums are getting renovated with the sole aim of preserving the Union Territory’s cultural and architectural heritage that attracts a large number of tourists from far and near. The museum located in Saint Louis Street is dedicated to the urban history and development in Pondicherry, showcasing paintings, sculptures and French furniture dating from 17th century to 20th century A.D. After renovation, the museum will showcase a wide platform depicting Pondicherry’s role in furthering trade and cultural relations with the outside world.

The museum on Romain Rolland Street focuses on ancient South Indian art and culture and would offer a platform to visitors who would be able to feast their eyes on a vast collection of rare artifacts belonging to the Pallava and Chola Dynasties, rare paintings and many other objects dating back to the ancient times. With 539 artifacts housed here, 200 of them would be restored. Also, chronological placement of every sculpture, artifact and bronze statue, as per their period and themes, would be done for better understanding.

The government together with the cooperation of French historians, museologists and archaeologists has surveyed the museums, both externally as well as internally to point out the changes that need to be done, and as such, the decision to erect panels has been arrived whereby details pertaining to the history of the artifacts would be displayed in English, Tamil and French languages.

In addition to these changes, the lighting system would be renovated and steps would be taken to install better lighting especially in the galleries section of the museums. Luggage counters, ticket counters and toilets too would be built as new additions to the museums. Apart from these facilities, the security system installed in galleries would be renovated as per latest technology.

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Text: Shahana
Source: The Hindu

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