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Pondicherry, the serene seaside town that is also referred to as the ‘French Riviera of the East’. It is known mostly for its White Town, where broad streets lined with colonial heritage buildings, some adorned with bright colourful Bougainvillea creepers, give one a sense of being transported back in time to a more calm era.

Most visitors will associate Pondicherry with its French cultural heritage and cuisine. It might come as a surprise then that Italian cuisine is also quite prevalent and some very delicious dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurants around the town. Think of a fresh and simple mozzarella and tomato salad, a delicious spaghetti bolognese or vegetarian lasagne, and of course one cannot talk about Italian food without mentioning pizza, of which the town serves up plentiful. Wood oven fired pizza being the favourite among most visitors.

We have prepared a list of the top Italian dishes that you must try in Pondicherry. Buon Appetito!

1. Bruschetta

bruschetta Grilled Bread rubbed with garlic and topped with various kinds of toppings like tomato, basil, cheese, meat and so on. Bruschetta is usually served as an antipasto (starter).
served at: Don Giovanni, The Pasta Bar Veneto, Cafe Xtasi, Italize, Umami

2. Lasagne

lasagne Lasagne is one of the oldest types of pasta which is wide and flat shaped. It consists of several layers of pasta in between these are fillings made of meat, cheese and vegetables. Lasagna is usually served with sauces like Bolognese, Bechamel etc…
served at : Don Giovanni, La Pasta World, The Pasta Bar Veneto, Umami, Tanto

3. Pizza

margherita Pizzas are probably one of the most favoured foods across the world. This yeasted flatbread baked in the oven is usually topped with tomato paste and a variety of other toppings, from vegetables to to meat and fish with lots of cheese and olives. In Pondicherry you will be able to taste some of the originals, Margherita, Marinara, Capricciosa, Quatro Stagioni, Romana among others. Many pizzerias have a wood oven to give you that authentic taste.
served at : Cafe Xtasi, Don Giovanni, The Pasta Bar Veneto, Italize, Chez Nous, Tanto, The Promenade, New Farm Fresh

4. Risotto

risotto North Italian rice dish cooked in a broth which contains the base flavour for the Risotto till it reaches a creamy consistency. The base flavour may be from cheese, fish, meat or vegetables.
served at : Le Dupleix , Tanto, The Promenade

5. Pasta

spaghetti Pasta is the staple food of Italy. There are varieties of shapes available in pasta like spaghetti, penne, tortellini, rotelli and so on. It is the sauce on it that adds flavours to the dish. Try the different kinds of sauce on your preferred pasta.
served at : Don Giovanni, La Pasta World, The Pasta Bar Veneto, Cafe Xtasi, Umami, The Promenade, Tanto

6. Ravioli

ravioli Ravioli is made with two layers of thin pasta dough filled with minced mushroom, chicken, cheese or such. It is usually served with pasta sauce.
served at : Tanto, The Promenade, Don Giovanni

7. Tuscany Style Steak

tuscan steak For this delicious steak the meat is grilled by infusing the flavour of garlic, parsley, thyme, rosemary and extra-virgin olive oil which gives the meat an intense taste of natural herbs and flavors.
served at : Don Giovanni

8. Gelato

gelato Gelato, Italian ice cream, is different from regular ice cream in that it is lighter, smoother and softer. Gelato is created with more milk and less cream, giving it less fat content. It is also churned in a way that leaves less air in the mix, thus making it thicker and smoother. Some places also serve up vegetarian / vegan versions of gelato. So dig in to this wonderful dessert, sure to freshen you up on a hot summer day.
served at : Gelato Factory, Il Cono, Gelateria Montecatini Terme

9. Panna cotta

panna cotta A delicious Italian dessert made from sweetened cream. The cream may be flavoured by infusing coffee, rum or other flavouring agents. Panna cotta is mostly served with coulis of berries or a sauce of chocolate or caramel.
served at : The Pasta Bar Veneto, Umami, Tanto

10. Tiramisu

tiramisu Most popular Italian coffee flavoured custard dessert made from savoiardi (sponge finger biscuits), mascarpone cheese, sugar and whipped eggs.
served at : Don Giovanni, La Pasta World, La Pasta Bar Veneto, Cafe Xtasi, Tanto

The above listed restaurants and dessert bars can be found in our where to dine section.

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