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Beaches in Pondicherry

Veerampattinam Beach


Veerampattinam beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the country attracting thousands of tourist from all over the world. It is the biggest coastal village of Puducherry located between Puducherry and Cuddalore and...

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Auroville Beach


Auroville or Auro beach is about 12 km from Puducherry along the ECR. The beach is right opposite to the road that leads to Auroville from ECR. Its a hotspot for Aurovillians and tourists alike....

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Bodhi Beach / Serenity Beach


A short stretch of land on the north of Puducherry’s coastal line, Bodhi Beach is ideal for calm strolls and sea gazing. This beach is a safe zone for swimming and a sea outing on...

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Chunnambar / Paradise Beach

Pondicherry Outskirt

Chunnambar or Paradise Beach is 7 km past Puducherry along the Cuddalore main road. As the name suggests, its the Paradise on earth. The beach is accessible through boats from the Boathouse of Chunnambar which...

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Promenade Or Rock Beach

French Quarter

Goubert Avenue runs along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and gives Pondicherry a nearly 2 km stretch of sea front. Popularly known as the Promenade Beach or the Rock Beach, it is a...

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